A webinar on Fundamentals of Second Language Acquisition

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Our English department alumna, now one of our English instructors, Roz Jamal, is pleased to announce that Professor Stephen Krashen will be presenting a one-hour webinar on “Fundamentals of Second Language Acquisition”. The talk will cover the research results of the last 45 years, research that has revolutionized language teaching, making both teaching and acquiring a foreign language far easier, more effective, and more pleasant than previous methods.

He will review the evidence from several countries that show that we do not acquire language by studying grammar rules or memorizing vocabulary or practicing speaking or writing or by getting our errors corrected. Rather, we acquire language in only one way: When we understand what we hear and what we read. The most effective ways of providing the input needed for language acquisition is through listening to interesting stories that teachers help students understand and reading comprehensible, interesting books.

Professor Krashen is the most widely cited scholar in the world in the field of second language acquisition. Many of his publications are available for free download at He is also the1976 Incline Bench Press champion of Venice Beach California.

Title of the webinar: Fundamentals of Second Language Acquisition
Speaker: Professor Stephen Krashen
Date: Monday, May 11th
Time: 20:00 (8:00 pm)

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Start Time

8:00 pm

May 11, 2020

Finish Time

9:00 pm

May 11, 2020

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