Zamo Ali Omer


Graduate of the University of Human Development, 2017-2018. My journey began back in my
teens when I picked English and its limitless world as an interest. The English language, with its
enormous effect on the world, attracted me to master various skills such as reading, writing,
public speaking, etc. Hence comes my expertise and my favourite topic to teach; Reading and
English is the language that I read the most in, besides the other languages that I know. Thus, I
was introduced to many ideologies and movements in history and literature as I was expanding
my knowledge of and in English. One of those movements which I have researched deeply is the
Feminist movement, which has also led me to produce works such as seminars and translate
essential writings on the topic from English into Kurdish.
Currently, I am an English language teacher at the Center of Intensive English Program, Komar
University of Science and Technology.

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