List of KUST Members

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Name Emaill IP Phone Office
Shwan Wandawi 131 B/102
Zhikal Abdalla Hama Gharib 134 B/102
Harez Omer Ali 195 B/102
Ravyar Abdalkhaliq Abdalla 132 B/102
Saya Azad Ahmad B/102
Name Emaill IP Phone Office
Shania Khabat Abdulkarim 149 L/101
Hozan Fadhil Gharib 151 L/101
Govar Haval Mohammed L/109
Danya Omed Ghareeb L/109
Lana Nawzad Ghafoor L/109
Hevar Niyaz Abdalqadir L/109
Lanya Karwan Jalal 156 L/G09
Delaf Fadhil Radha 156 L/G09
Bakhan Bahman M.Salih 156 L/G09
Sana Barzan Hama Ezzat 156 L/G09
Rasti Ibrahim Hama Faraj 210 M/210
Zheela Sherzad Mohammed 210 M/210
Lara Rebwar Jalal 210 M/210
Vanya Hassan Abubakr
Lina Anwer Faqe Mahmood E/237
Name Emaill IP Phone Office
Sana Salahalddin Saeed 181 D/118HA5
Soma Ahmed Tofiq D/118HA
Lilan Barzan Mohamed D/118HA
Hana Shahab Ahmad D/118HA
Zhalla Soran Mohammed D/118HA
Ahmed Nabaz Mohammed D/118HA
Shadi Abdalla Majeed D/118HA
Savin Akram Ali D/118HA
Zanko Nozad Othman D/118HA
Mariam Noaman Jasim D/118HA
Farah Ali Farhan D/118HA
Bayan Ghareeb Qadir Cabinet
Kale Mahmood Hassan
Name Emaill IP Phone Office
Karzan Aziz Mahmood 103 B/206
Bnar Abdulsalam Abdulrahman 162 B/214
Soz Aso Mohammed 162 B/214
Aram Ahmad Salih 197 B/209
Ranjdar Jalal Rostam B/211
Saja Adnan Abdalkhaliq B/233
Shay Kamal Ahmed B/209
Dara Kamal Mohammed B/217
Nastaran Seifollah B/217
Akife Altunkaynak B/215
Shanaw Rashad Hassan B/234
Tablo Omer Qadir B/211
Mizhda Adil Hama Salih B/215
Mariwan Ali Abdalla B/236
Roza Hemin Mejeed B/233
Bishwan Kamaran Ibrahim B/230
Sozyar Omer Hamakarim B/232
Zamo Ali Omer B/232
Roz Jamal Omer B/234
Maria Sidiq Kwkha Majid B/219
Sozyar Mohammed Mustafa B/236
Shene Omer Rahim B/230
Kazhe Azad Rashid B/213
Shaimaa Karim Aziz B/ 219
Ali Dlshad Jaafar B/227