List of KUST Members

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Name E-mail IP Office No.
Salahaldden Saeed Ali 101 E/264
Sazan Ahmed Ali
Negar Ali Aziz 102 E/263
Sanarya Karwan Anwar 106 E/263
Peshwaz Mohammed Taha 106 E/263
Zardasht Kaws Tofiq 196 E/256
Harzhin Tariq Ali 106 E/263
Blnd Faruq Hama Salih 129 B/218
Pshko Abdulqader Tahir
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Kawis Aziz Faraj 179 M/240
Prusha Rzgar Othman 139 M/240
Shkar Azad Nury 109 Student Club
Taban Mohamed Ameen 127 Library
Przha Shwan M Fatah 127 Library
Rebin Raouf Hussein 182 Sports Hall
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Bayad Jamal Ali 200 E/101
Diyar Rafie Abdalla 200 E/101
Sanya Rzgar Abdalqadir 200 E/101
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Nawzad Hama Saeed Tofiq 131 B/102
Harez Omer Ali 195 B/102
Ravyar Abdalkhaliq Abdalla 134 B/102
Bzav M. Saeed M.Noori 132 B/102
Dene Kamil Omar 132 B/102
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Muhammad Omer Ali 146 E/102
Avan Khalid Faraj 154 E/102
Przha Hassan Rashid 153 E/255
Yad Sarwat Mustafa E/102
Abdalla Sabir Shkur 186 E/102
Zardasht Hama Karim Saeed 203 E/229
Diary Shorsh Mohammed 203 E/229
Bahaddin Sleman Haidar 135 E/224
Mohammed Imran Cabinet
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Karwan Othman Jameel 164 E/223
Mohamad HamaRashid HamaSaeed 163 L/G17
Faisal Omer Nasralla D/G12
Fouad Omer Sharif 163 L/G17
Rebin Abdalrahman M.Agha 163 L/G17
Nawzad Ali Hussein 163 L/G17
Nzam Mahmud Mohammed 163 L/G17
Mahdy Sleman Hamajan Power Station Cabinet
Bishwan Abubakr Aziz L/G17
Majeed Ali Kareem
Abdullah Salih Faraj
Omer Kadhim Jawdah
Ahmed Mohammed Ameen
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Mohammed Abdulmaged Faraj 105 E/210
Havan Wahid Rashid 107 E/202
Peshang Ahmed Abdalkarim 104 B/231
Bahast Abubakr Omer 104 B/231
Shayan Nadr Faraj 107 E/202
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Bamo Nadir 177 B/101
Hazhan Azad Osman 157 B/G02
Roza Jawhar Star 130 B/G02
Aro Ari Askandar 130 B/G02
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Shania Khabat Abdulkarim 149 L/101
Hozan Fadhil Gharib 151 L/101
Lana Nawzad Ghafoor 152 L/109
Delaf Fadhil Radha 152 L/109
Bakhan Bahman M.Salih 156 L/G09
Sana Barzan Hama Ezzat 156 L/G09
Hevar Niyaz Abdalqadir 152 L/109
Binaiy Dlshad Yaseen 210 M/210
Mohammed Qadir Saeed 210 M/210
Rezhna Ramadhan Hussein 210 M/210
Rozhhat Kamaran Pirot 210 M/210
Chopy Hasib Ibrahim 235 M/235
Abdalla Hawzhin M Fuad 152 L/109
Sanko Hiwaa Noori 152 L/109
Sewa Adib Nasralddin 152 L/109
Ranj Anwer Azeez 152 L/109
Shnyan Hawraman Qadir
Raz Saman Omer
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Balen Hamid Qadir 181 118HA5
Hana Shahab Ahmad 249 D/118HA4
Bander Salahalddin Saeed 249 D/118HA2
Savin Akram Ali 249 D/118HA1
Mariam Noaman Jasim 249 D/118HA1
Bako Mohammed Faraj 249 D/118HA2
Sara Khalid Noori
Hazhan Abubakir Bayz
Raz Swara Saeed
Rozyar Salar Abdul
Dawan Sherko Mahmood
Shanya Taimur Aziz
Taba Othman Mohammed D/106
Kale Mahmood Hassan D/105
Huda Mahmood Jaafar D/105
Ari Salim Mustafa
Barez Abdulrahman Mahmood
Dastan Dler Latif
Shokh Nawshirwan Hassan 211 D/106
Shadi Abdalla Majeed 228 D/Reception
Danyar Ali Hamalaw
Dilan Mohammed Najib
Mrwa Kamaran Jamal
Savo Salahaddin Hadi
Sanaa Hiwa Rahim
Hazar Othman Abdy
Salar Abubaker Ali
Bayan Ghareeb Qadir Cabinet
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Pakzad Fadhil Hama 160 B/201
Riazuddin Ahmed 188 B/212
Chyavan Azad Abdullah 199 B/213
Karwan Hussain Mustafa 115 B/224
Hataw Mohammed Hassan 115 B/224
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Mustafa Hassan Mohammad Adam 142 B/202
Bayad Jamal Ali 200 E/101
Hemin Karim M Salih 242 E/248
Razan Kerkukli 183 B/210
Aymen Nihro Maaroof 199 B/213
Dlovan Assad Mohammed 124 B/217
Lana Sardar Qadir 124 B/217
Saiwan Majeed Fatah 198 E/231
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Ako Rashed Hama 167 E/220
Ahmed Adnan Gheni 110 E/234
Sardasht Sardar Weli 143 E/239
Twana Abdulrazaq Tahir 155 E/252
Jalal Ahmed Saeed 243 E/241
Hardy Kamal Karim 246 E/249
Sarmad Dashti Latif 193 E/230
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Hiwa H-Amin Sidiq 173 E/209
Arsalan Ahmed Othman 246 E/249
Hamid Farangis Zadeh 217 E/250
Mohammed Jamal awl 246 E/249
Ahmed Mohammed Raouf 243 E/241
Lanja Farooq Rauf 119 E/219
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Fryad Khalid Mohamed 147 E/243
Dilan Faraidoon Ahmed 209 E/214
Aree Ali Muhammed 108 E/204
Bamo Nadir 177 B/101
Shivan Shkur Mahmood 238 E/218
Hussam Mouhammad Alhomsy 114 E/203
Kareem Abbas Dawood 239 E/206
Bawar Abid Abdalla 198 E/231
Shan Sirwan Mustafa
Rebaz Najeeb Ramadhan 243 E/241
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Osman Sharif Osman 150 E/216
Rawia Tahrir Salih 253 E/238
Susan Mohammad Al Naqshbandi 237 E/232
Sara Azad Ahmed 175 E/222
Bnar Abdulsalam Abdulrahman 162 B/214
Mohammed Abdulmaged Faraj 105 E/210
Miran Hikmat Mohammed 230 E/236
Hardi Ali Shareef 243 E/241
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Trefa Mohammed Abdullah 172 M/101
Hari Kumar Cheedella 192 M/237
Getahun Paulos Teka 138 E/205
Mende Mensa Sorato 138 E/205
Alemayehu Toma Mena 204 M/204
Hersh Abdul Ham Karim 148 M/203
Yerra Rajeshwar 192 M/237
Bereket Molla Tigabu 197 M/220
Salomy Monica Dya 184 M/234
Naschmil Abdulla Mohammed 202 M/202
Ahmed Ali Hussein 112 M/205
Raneen Subhi Atiyah 241 E/247
Bassant Atef Abdelhafez 189 E/211
Rafl Malik Kamil 119 E/219
Baraa Ramzi Abdulhameed
Snur Mohammed Amin 219 E/246
Faruq Azeez Abdulrahman E/236
Hawsar Othman Mohammed
Suren Azad Ramadhan 117 E/233
Ahmed Faeq Ahmed 241 E/247
Rebwar Saeed M Rashid 198 E/231
Jabar Othman Saeed 185 M/209
Dana Ali Kader 224 M/224
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Shanaz Mohammed Ghafour 126 M/102
Souza Abdul Aziz Faraj 120 M/213
Aroun Prasath Ramakirouchenane 240 E/201
Mohammed Taib Fatih 227 M/227
Yad Raouf Rahim 201 M/201
Zaydoon Kasim 218 E/254
Yad Mariwan M Amin 220 E/244
Ubaydah Falah Al-Gailani 215 M/215
Kamil Karim Saeed 133 M/207
Pavan Tenglikar 233 M/233
Hawar Sardar Hassan Al-Windawi 236 M/236
Aveen Khalil Ebraheem 263 M/223
Salwa Mohammad Mohammad Sherif 251 M/217
Serwan Mohammed Esmail
Bryar Ali Muhammed 201 M/201
Ranj Adil Jalal
Mohammed Thamir Yassin
Sarmad Hiwa Arif
Rozhina Peshraw Kamal
Alaa Samad Hussein 117 E/233
Hevi Nihad Mohammed 117 E/233
Gasha Othman Qadir 227 M/227
Dunia Sadeeq Hamagharib
Dena Nadhim Mohammad
Tarza Jamal Mahmood 189 E/211
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Saad Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Alshebly 140 M/244
Shahla Ali Ahmed 221 M/221
Shewangizaw Mekonnen Yadete 233 M/233
Kamel Mohammed Rahim 222 M/222
Rozhgar Jalal Tahir 189 E/211
Araz Mohammed Abdulkarim
Maisam Hama Murad Majeed 185 M/209
Omar Hussein Shareef 223 E/217
Muna Khaleel Dheyab 241 E/247
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Dlzar Dlshad Ghafoor 171 M/245
Shakeel Ahmed Khawaja 204 M/204
Jai Shanker Pillai 208 M/208
Yasin Sayedmorad Ahmadi 212 M/212
Alan Ahmed Mahmood 176 M/230
Ahmed Abdulkarim Aziz Alzbeede 231 M/231
Shokh Mukhtar Ahmad 260 M/226
Nabaz Hama Rashid Hama 170 M/238
Goran Sedeeq Hama Faraj 206 M/206
Sivan Bakr Askandar 229 M/229
Daban Noori Hama Saeed 225 M/225
Diyari Othman Karim 206 M/206
Akam Dler Latif 225 M/225
Azhi Sarbast Abdalrahman 201 M/201
Yadgar Aziz Abdullah 212 M/212
Hawkar Ibrahim Ahmed 198 E/231
Hemin Mohamed Hussain 223 E/217
Yaseen Ghafour Kareem 235 M/235
Peshnyar Muhammad Atta Rashid 224 M/224
Sirwan Muhsen Ameen
Zana Hassan Ibrahim 117 E/233
Narmeen Salih Ahmad
Aras Rafiq Mohammed 227 M/227
Jeza Muhamad Abdul Aziz 117 E/233
Karzan Rafiq Sidiq 117 E/233
Peshawa Omer Amin 230 E/236
Shwan Mohamad Amine 174 B/235
Rushdi Ali Mirza 185 M/209
Rebin Mahmud Salih 114 E/203
Nian Nariman Mohammed
Naktal Abdulhafdh Hussein 241 E/247
Farman Uthman Shareef 174 B/235
Najmaddin Salih Husen 224 M/224
Nasrin Sleman Hamad 227 M/227
Karzan Aziz Abdalkarim
Rebaz Fayaq Hamarawf
Shakhawan Abdulrahman Mustafa
Zana Mohammed Raouf
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Zryan Jaza Hama Salih 244 M/243
Ahmed Jassim Mohammed Allami 208 M/208
Joe Mathew 214 M/214
Balen Hamid Qadir #N/A 118HA5
Ahmed Abdulrahman Abbas 214 M/214
Dastan Tahir Abdallah 216 M/216
Dana Faeq Mohammed 114 E/203
Zamanad M Saeed Abdullah 223 E/217
Didar Anwar Abdul Rahman #N/A
Hezha Shafiq Hama Rashid 223 E/217
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Noel Vinay Thomas 158 M/239
Kozhi Khasraw Abdullah 263 M/223
Pavel Awat Husamadin 197 M/220
Nika Atta Qadir 229 M/229
Name E-mail IP Office No.
Karzan Aziz Mahmood 141 B/206
Kara Muhammed Abdallah 121 B/206
Aram Namdar 190 B/209
Mizhda Adil Hama Salih 128 B/215
Mariwan Ali Abdalla 207 B/227
Roza Hemin Mejeed 118 B/233
Bishwan Kamaran Ibrahim 191 B/230
Sozyar Omer Hamakarim 191 B/230
Zamo Ali Omer 118 B/233
Roz Jamal Omer 113 B/219 slot gacor situs toto bento4d toto slot slot gacor situs toto