The Career Development Center (CDC) at KUST participated in the Micro-Internship Program Fall- 2020

The Career Development Center (CDC)  at KUST participated in the Micro-Internship Program Fall- 2020. This Program was organized by the IREX organization and in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the support of U.S Embassy …

KUST Participates in The Universities forum – Sulaimani

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, Mr. Ranjdar Saeed Director of CDC- Career Development Center and Sham Brwa, Student Council President attended Universities forum – Sulaimani entitled “Strengthen Universities’ Participation in the Public Life of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.” In …

A seminar on Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP)

On Monday, December 2, 2019, the Career Development Center at Komar University of Science and Technology held a seminar entitled “IYLEP 2020 Recruitment Undergraduate Students”. The seminar is presented by Zna Azad as one of the alumni-advisors. Throughout the presentation, the …

A seminar on “Rome International Careers Festival – 2019”

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Mr. Ranjdar Saeed, Director of CDC- Career Development Center at Komar University of Science and Technology held a seminar on “Rome International Careers Festival – 2019”  to the students from all the departments at KUST. …

A Seminar On Internship Training Opportunities

On Thursday (December 14th, 2017), Komar University of Science and Technology, CDC- Career Development Center held a seminar for Mr. Ranjdar Saeed – CDC director at KUST on “Internship Program Opportunities” for the eligible students (in all the departments at …

Internship Training Workshop

On Wednesday 29th of March, Mr. Ranjdar Saeed (KUST Coordinator for IP- Internship Program) arranged a workshop for eligible students in the internship program at Komar University of Science and Technology. During the workshop, the program was categorically offered to …


The course is designed to provide students with the opportunity of applying what they learn in
their academic courses to real-world situations. It encourages exposure to career training and
brings the knowledge and skills that KUST students acquire in their courses further down to
earth. Students are given the chance to work in a professional setting of their choosing a
workplace supervisor, who will evaluate the intern’s performance. KUST faculty is committed
to making the internship a quality educational experience that involves integrating academic
learning with practical hands-on experience.
The course also aims at providing the market with a potential workforce and providing the public
and private industries and institutions with the opportunity to test the new generation at work,
thus injecting the workforce with young blood.



The Internship Program (IP) is a formal assignment conducted by students on an area related to
the curriculum and involving out-of-class activities and development. It is primarily a learning
activity designed to provide students with an opportunity to confirm that they are eligible for a
real-work environment at KUST-approved and officially registered companies, organizations and
institutions. The IP requires a variety of skills and fields of knowledge to be completed which are
acquired during the three years of study at the university. It is important for students to follow
the guidelines of this booklet carefully and accurately and to check with their academic chairmen
frequently to be assured they are on the right track and to be informed about any updates and
modifications made to the Internship Program. This assessment will be made by the hosting
institution and the KUST department’s chairman.


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