This center aims at becoming a leading developmental certifying institute in the KRG.


The mission of this centre is to contribute to the Kurdish society a higher level of advancement in diverse civic areas.



 1. Language Center

  • Proficiency and competency International tests and preparations.
  • Any language courses demanded, general and academic English as the first priority.
  • Translation and interpretation

2. IT Center

  • Basic to advanced courses
  • International IT Tests


3. Human Development

  • Management courses
  • Staff development courses/ workshops
  • Media training
  • Marketing


4. Internship (Student focused)

  • Providing connections between institutions and corporations
  • Provide Professional skills training
  • Creating volunteering opportunities for job seekers


5. Research Centre

  • Conduct researches
  • Provide research tutorials and training
  • Provide environment for researchers with labs, rooms, internet, resources, showrooms and etc.


6. Consultancy

  • Business
  • Organizational
  • Educational


7. Event Affairs

  • Hosts educational, social, organizational, political, cultural or any other conferences, seminars, debates, dialogues and etc.
  • Provide space including facilities for any organization, company or corporations to hold their events on KUST campus.



8. Fine Arts

  • Music classes
  • Drawing and painting classes
  • Sculpture and clay classes
  • Photography
  • Carpet weaving courses
  • Calligraphy
  • Designing
  • any other relevant classes


9. Sport Centre

  • Dr. Bayad Jamal Ali
    Supervisor of KPDI
    IP Phone: 143
    Address: office G04, Business Building.


  • Balen Najmalddin Mohammed
    Administrator of KPDI
    IP Phone: 143
    Address: office G04, Business Building.
    Phone Number: +964-750-382-2089