KPDI holds seminar on importance of family and diversity

On December 4, 2022 Komar Professional Development Institute (KPDI), with Dialogue and Culture and Violet organizations held a seminar for their students on the importance of family, diversity and character building. The aim of the seminar was to create an …

KPDI students hold event with their instructors

Students from Komar Professional Development Institute (KPDI) held an event on November 15, 2022. During the event, the students displayed their projects which were prepared in cooperation with their instructors. The event included a variety of activities and projects from …

Komar Professional Development Institute held a day-long event for their students

In cooperation with the Center of Intensive English Program (CIEP), Komar Professional Development Institute (KPDI) held an event for their English course students on October 25, 2022. The aim of the event was to take learning out of the classroom …


This center aims at becoming a leading developmental certifying institute in the KRG.


The mission of this centre is to contribute to the Kurdish society a higher level of advancement in diverse civic areas.



 1. Language Center

  • Proficiency and competency International tests and preparations.
  • Any language courses demanded, general and academic English as the first priority.
  • Translation and interpretation

2. IT Center

  • Basic to advanced courses
  • International IT Tests


3. Human Development

  • Management courses
  • Staff development courses/ workshops
  • Media training
  • Marketing


4. Internship (Student focused)

  • Providing connections between institutions and corporations
  • Provide Professional skills training
  • Creating volunteering opportunities for job seekers


5. Research Centre

  • Conduct researches
  • Provide research tutorials and training
  • Provide environment for researchers with labs, rooms, internet, resources, showrooms and etc.


6. Consultancy

  • Business
  • Organizational
  • Educational


7. Event Affairs

  • Hosts educational, social, organizational, political, cultural or any other conferences, seminars, debates, dialogues and etc.
  • Provide space including facilities for any organization, company or corporations to hold their events on KUST campus.



8. Fine Arts

  • Music classes
  • Drawing and painting classes
  • Sculpture and clay classes
  • Photography
  • Carpet weaving courses
  • Calligraphy
  • Designing
  • any other relevant classes


9. Sport Centre

  • Dr. Bayad Jamal Ali
    Supervisor of KPDI
    IP Phone: 143
    Address: office G04, Business Building.


  • Balen Najmalddin Mohammed
    Administrator of KPDI
    IP Phone: 143
    Address: office G04, Business Building.
    Phone Number: +964-750-382-2089