A. History of Unit Establishment:

The engineering and maintenance unit was first established in October 2016 as the project was getting bigger and there were needs for a certain team of staff members to follow up the work.

B. Unit Activities and Tasks:

This unit’s tasks are as below:

1.Buildings heating/cooling system: It is the system that is used to heat and cool the building as required in the seasons which needs a constant follow up and checking on the system by turning the system on and off.

  1. Power Station: The station that provides all the campus’s electricity.
  2. Water Station: The station that provides all the campus’s water.
  3. Building Maintenance: the process of following up of building’s electricity, water and other needed maintenance.
  4. executing and supervising the new facilities will be construct.

Unit Aim:

The aim of this unit is to provide a better working environment for all KUST members (students, staff and faculty) by providing the needed resources that are essential for the daily tasks to be carried out, your organization can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve asset availability, limit equipment downtime, and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide.


Our mission is to provide a safe,  productive and well-maintained physical environment for the University community by planning and delivering  services that are sustainable and supportive of academic excellence.


Our vision is to be a leading professional Facilities Management team that is widely recognized for the creation and maintenance of exceptional and innovative learning environments.

Hawre Omer Soffy

Hawre Omer Soffy

Nizam Mahmood Muhammad

Nizam Mahmood Muhammad

Assistant of Technician
Karwan Othman Jamil

Karwan Othman Jamil

Acting Director
muhamad syana

Mohamad HamaRashid

Supervisor of Technician

Faysal Omer Nasrullah

Assistant of Technician

Fouad Omer Sharif

Assistant of Technician

Mahdy Sleman Hamajan

Assistant of Technician/Electric station
Phone-No.: +964 751 241 5257
IP Phone: 164
Address: Office E-223, 3rd Floor, Engineering Building.