Roza Hemin


I am an English instructor at CIEP with expertise in teaching Reading and Writing. I have a BSc
in Communication Engineering. Now you may wonder why I am an English teacher, right?
I love learning and teaching languages, and I believe I can utilize my experience with languages
to help others learn, as well. Here, my aim is not to emphasize the need for having a mentor or
teacher, rather, it is to help the learners to explore their capability and guide them through the
journey. I, myself, can be a humble example of that, as I have learned four languages with very
little help from others (including English). I discovered that I only needed someone to show me
what I was/ am capable of.
My two main goals in teaching languages are, first: breaking the information down into a level
that learners overcome the fear they have towards the language. Second: during my teaching, I
mainly encourage facilitating the language to acquire other skills and qualifications as well, such
as critical thinking and questioning, the courage to express thoughts, and face the real world
through rich discussions and brainstorming.

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