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Dr. Shahla Ali

Ph.D in Psychologist

Dr. Shahla Ali completed her BSc. at Koya University in 2012-2016.graduated from the clinical psychology department in the faculty of science and health.

She worked as a clinical Psychologist at different organizations and clinics in Sulyamanih city .Since 2016; Dr. Shahla Ali has given various seminars and workshops and participated in seminars for both professional and academic development.

She completed her master’s thesis subject on “psychological disorder among students “. She graduated from the Near East University in Cyprus/Turkey in 2019.with that, she participated in different conferences that related to revaluation and changes in the education system with improving the quality of education.

She worked as an assistant, part-time lecturer, and carried out scientific activities in academic life, and took part in projects, articles, and academic studies at Near East University/Cyprus from 2020-2021

She finished a Ph.D. program in guidance and psychological counseling in the educational science area.

A full-time faculty member at Komar University, Dr. shahla Ali works scientifically on improving Psycho-education, she supervisor and psychologist of the psychological and counseling unit at Komar University. And since 2020, has been teaching undergraduate courses such as child development, developmental psychology, personality, and General psychology the field of Educational Sciences and psychology.