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Mr. Aso Muhammad Ali

Aso M. Bamoki
Owner, Chairman of Halabja Group
Address: AS Sulaimaniyah, Iraq
Home: 0964 750 111 0000 Email:

Vision: Rebuilding country’s infrastructure.
Summery : We founded and established Halabja Group Companies to rebuild our
country, starting with Halabja General Trading and International
Transportation in the early nineties, and then increasing the scope of
business to include, industry, Telecommunication, and construction,
keeping pace with the rapid development of the country.

Halabja Group is a group of multi-sector companies operating as a private sector. Whilst headquarters
are based in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Halabja Group has offices in Hawler,
Duhok, and Basra. In addition, it has offices outside Iraq in Dubai (UAE), Turkey, and China
The Group is under supervision of the Board of Investment and licensed by the General Trading
Directory/ Ministry of Finance and Economy of the KRG at 2006.


  • Re-building roads in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Building one of the largest residential compounds in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Contributing to the re-construction of schools in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Partnering in the establishment Komar University for Science and Technology “KUST”.
  • Wide range of charity works to various communities in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Halabja Group
As Sulaimaniayah – Iraq, 2006 Present
Halabja Group Company Ltd, As Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2006 – Present
Founder, owner and CEO of Halabja Group Companies (A Group of 7 Companies, 2 Factories and 2 Projects).

Halabja General Trading and transportation Co., AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 1992 – Present

  • We have wide experience in General trading and Transportations and became the trusted and guaranteed
  • Since the company founded, in parallel with the goods transportation, the currency transport line has been
    established to transfer money around the world at competitive prices. These services and others like speed and
    truth… increased the trust between costumers and citizens.
  • We have desire to open our doors to all global Companies in order to make contracts and agreements as well as
    progressing transportations and money transferring to connect them to the global network.
  • It has worth to mentioning, the Company has the plan to change this economic activity to banking system with
    establishing the bank.
  • Halabja General Trading and transportation has offices in Hawler, Duhok, and Basra. In addition, it has offices
    outside Iraq in Dubai (UAE), Turkey, and China.

Halabja General Contracting Company Ltd., AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2003 – Present

  • Working with high performance in implementing projects under SCR 986 Oil-for-Food program namely UNCHS
    (Habitat) and UNDP, ‘Al-Shams Company, an excellent commercial reputation, has been established.
  • Rebuilding/expansion of major roads, water & sewerage system projects in urban areas.
  • We are looking forward to entering into partnerships for the implementation of turnkey projects including hotels,
    commercial buildings and tourism.

Aran Asphalt Company “AAC” Ltd., AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2006 – Present

  • Aran Asphalt Co. is playing major role in the rebuilding of roads in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Bayan Company for Real Estate, AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2007 – Present

  • Bayan company has been established to invest resources both locally and internationally in building residential
    complexes and commercial buildings in the region.
  • Garden City is one of the prideful residential projects that was implemented by Bayan Company.

Halabja Telecom Services “HTS”, AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2012– Present

  • HTS Company is specialized in executing projects or telecom services for (GSM) sites.
  • One of the major clients is Korek telecom Company for Telecommunications.

Tishknet “Internet Service Provider ISP company”, AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2011 – Present

  • Tishknet is one of the prominent internet service providers in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
  • Tishknet is aiming at larger scope of users, as well as providing the LTE service quality.

Aso Brick Factory “ABF”, AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2005 – Present

  • ABF is a unique for its production capacity in Iraq.
  • Aso Brick Factory is provided with latest robotic technology in the world of brick manufacturing.
  • In terms of quality, the products have international standard intensity.
  • In addition to its premium quality being environmentally friendly and healthy is one of our mission.
  • This project is successfully contributed the process of reconstructing the infrastructure of Kurdistan Region and
  • Halabja Concrete Factory “HCF”, AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2010 – Present
  • HCF works to provide ready concrete for Halabja Group Companies projects, like (Garden City) Project, which is
    one of the large residential projects in Sulaymaniyah.
  • This factory is made on the most advanced technology in the sector of concrete production.
    Family Mall AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2009 – Present
  • Family Mall is the largest mall in Kurdistan Region. Family Mall was established first in Erbil, then, with the
    same format in Duhok, and now in Sully.
  • Bazyan Agriculture and Green House Project, AS Sulaimaniayah – Iraq 2006 – Present
  • Bazyan Agriculture and Green House project is one of the agricultural projects in Suleimaniya.
  • It is run on an area of many hectors, for producing variety of vegetables and fruits for the local use.




  • Major Shareholder of Komar University of Science and Technology
    “KUST” in Sulaimaniyah.
  • Major financial contributors for the American University of Iraq – AS
    Sulaimaniyah “AUIS”.
  • Sponsored the studies of hundreds of graduate and postgraduate
    students, in entire Kurdistan region of Iraq
  • Participated in building and rebuilding many schools and libraries.


  • Building and rebuilding many stadiums.
  • Sponsoring many tournaments for the local sport teams.

Other Contributions

  • Building, Contributing and donating in many other ways to
    support communities infrastructures (i.e. health centers, schools,
    libraries, mosques, and halls for the social activities, as well as
    contributing to the needs of patient, and donating several other
    projects and services.


Memberships of Associations

  • Suleimany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Excellence)
  • Union of Exporters and Importers of Iraq –Suleimany
  • (IACCI) Iraqi Amercian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Union of Kurdistan Contractors
  • Union of Kurdistan Investors

Bachelor of Education (BA) in Mathematic
Baghdad University, Baghdad – Iraq,



Kurdish with Iraqi Nationality
Bilingual in Kurdish and Arabic;
Proficiency in Turkish and Some Persian slot gacor situs toto bento4d toto slot slot gacor situs toto