An International Symposium on The impact of psychology on the quality of the education system

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International Symposium on: The Impact of psychology on the Quality of the Education system
The event aims to give academics and professionals from diverse educational sectors an opportunity to encourage research and the development of instructional strategies across contexts. It helps learn about forthcoming trends in the field of education, talk with other professionals about similar problems, find novel techniques and strategies, identify patterns, and get to know academics from other origins, experiences, and viewpoints.

Symposium theme: The impact of psychology on the quality of the education system

1- Dr.Luqman Sewaily
Topic: philosophical background of education
2-Dr.Saman Mamles
Topic: Academic Challenges for the students
3- Dr.Sena
Topic: How instructor can deal with student psychology

Panel subtopics:
– Psychological challenges in the modern life
– Learning Environment from a psychological point of view
– Academic challenges for the student
– Psychology of the student
– Philosophical background of education

The Guests: ( Dr.Luqman Sewaily, Dr.Saman Mamles, and Mr.Taha Hussein)



Start Time

10:00 am

February 18, 2024

Finish Time

1:00 pm

February 18, 2024


Komar University of Science and Technology

Event Participants