“Schizophrenia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments”

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You are cordially invited to attend a seminar titled ” Schizophrenia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments” to be held on Thursday, Nov 3, 2022, at 10:30 in D-Conference Hall.

The seminar will be presented by Dr Koyar Sherko, a psychiatrist and a medical board candidate in psychiatry.

Schizophrenia is known to be one of the most serious and mysterious mental disorders that makes people see reality eccentrically.  The diagnostic symptoms are crucial to determine schizophrenia and correctly prescribing treatments.  Moreover, the explanations and different treatment methods for the treatment of schizophrenia will be explained too.


Start Time

10:30 am

November 3, 2022

Finish Time

12:00 pm

November 3, 2022


Komar University of Science and Technology

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