Drug Preparation and Treatment Processes Seminar

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Title of Seminar: Drug Preparation and Treatment Processes
Speakers: Prof Dr Hamid Gafori and Dr Dorababu Neerugatti

Venue: Auditorium (E-Building)
Date : 28/2/2019
Time : 9:30

Two speeches will be presented:

  1. Effects of α –L – Fucose as Dose Response in Healing damaged Tissue by

Prof Dr Hamid G. Hasan


Fucose is a monosaccharide with MW about 164 and is a component of many glucoconjugates found in mammalian cells. Fucose play important role in a variety of physiological events. Due to its metabolic alteration and fucosylation of Gps, its level was found to be changed in many disorders.

This study aims to investigate whether or not fucose can be used in treating damage tissue through specific dose, and whether this dose can altered the rate of biochemical reactions occurs. The main outline protocol focused on two assays:

  1. Biochemical assay, and,
  2. Histological assay.

2)  Classification and Uses of Crude Drugs in Pharmacy by Dr Borababu Neerugatti


Herbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties that are used for flavoring and garnishing food, medicinal purposes, or for fragrances; excluding vegetables and other plants consumed for macro nutrients.

Crude drugs may be derived from various natural sources like plants, animals, minerals and Micro organism etc.

Because of their wide distribution the arrangement of classification in a definite sequence is necessary to understand easily.

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12:00 am

February 28, 2019

Finish Time

12:00 am

February 28, 2019

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