A lecture on Innovation in Wearable Technology and IoT at KUST

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Lecture brief:

Today, IoT and Wearable Technology are recognized as two of the fastest growing technologies and hottest research topics in academia and research and development centers. Wearable devices are expected to substantially expand the applications of modern consumer electronics. Similarly, there has been a massive interest in smart objects that can be connected to the Internet allowing remote access, processing, and control, which enable innovative services and applications. Such objects are utilized in smart homes, healthcare, power grids, transportation, and numerous other industrial applications. Although IoT and wearable devices are electronic systems by definition, the study of these interrelated technologies are multidisciplinary and borrows concepts from electrical, mechanical, biomedical, computer, and industrial engineering, in addition to computational sciences.

In this lecture, Dr. Haidar will provide an overview on wearable technology and IoT will be presented along with project examples implemented at the Xavier Wearable Electronics Center. Furthermore, novel wireless systems dedicated for practical applications in the fields of IoT, Telemedicine and personal communication will be discussed in detail.

Start Time

9:00 am

November 9, 2022

Finish Time

11:00 am

November 9, 2022


Conference Hall, D-Building, Komar University of Science & Technology, Sulaymaniah

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