Artificial Intelligence and Complication of Operations in Oil Industry

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An oil company is in the business of finding, producing, and selling oil and its refined products. The bottom line of every oil company is the “Profit acquired after tax”. The technical process involved in the oil exploration and production is very complex and needs a lot of expertise. Many processes in oil industry need the evaluation of various parameters, calculations and continuous update of the parameters to execute the operations. Many operations face the complexity problem due to lack of professional employees in the oil and gas industry. When it comes to emerging technology, professional employees and experts are required to monitor the advanced devices, and to install and run the devices manually. Manually, managing the operations in oil fields is also time consuming, create various mechanical and reservoir problems and may increase the production costs. Therefore, technological innovation to simplify the operations is a critical driver of economic growth in the oil and gas industry.  time is now to bring the industry into the digital age and the main technology that can solve this challenge is artificial intelligence. In this Seminar, we will discuss the complexity of operations in oil and gas industry. we will figure out the domains that can use artificial intelligence system to automate the oil field operations. We will explore the opportunities exists in Drilling Engineering, Enhanced oil recovery methods, shale fracturing, reservoir management, production management and flow assurance.

Title of Seminar: Artificial Intelligence and Complication of Operations in Oil Industry
Speaker: Mr Muhammad Ali
Venue: Auditorium (E-Building)
Date : Thursday 10/10/2019
Time : 11:00 am

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Start Time

11:00 am

October 10, 2019

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12:00 pm

October 10, 2019


Komar University of Science and Technology Campus- Auditorium

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