A Symposium on Depression

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Department of Pharmacy has planned conducting a symposium entitled “Depression”. The abstract of the symposium sounds as below:

Depression is a serious and common medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Depression varies in severity and could be short or long term. Most people will experience at least one bout of depression in their lifetime. Depression is a debilitating condition associated with sadness, difficulty in thinking and concentrating. Sufferers may have feeling of dejection, helplessness and sometime suicidal tendency thoughts. In our symposium we will give an overview of the condition, possible causes, symptoms and types. Various pharmacological therapies and their mechanism of action will be briefly discussed. The possible role of gut flora, diet and probiotics in the condition etiology.

Title of Symposium: Depression
Speakers and title of speeches:
1) Ms Monica Diyya, ‘Introduction to Depression”
2) Dr Ali Yassen Ali, “Medicines used in Depression”
3) Dr Asos Mohammed Rasoul, “Diet, Probiotics and Depression”
Venue: B02 (B-Building)
Date: Thursday 21/11/2019
Time: 9:00 am

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Start Time

9:00 am

November 21, 2019

Finish Time

10:30 am

November 21, 2019


Komar University of Science and Technology Campus- B02

Event Participants