A series of seminars under the title “The role of radiation in cancer treatment”

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a series of seminars under the title ” The role of radiation in cancer treatment”  which will take place on Thursday, Oct 05, 2023 at 09:00 in the D-building conference hall.

The aim of this event was to introduce and explain the pioneering techniques recently developed for cancer therapy.

Distinguished Speakers: 

1. Dr. Fabrizio Scopelliti : Theranostics: Pioneering Precision Medicine for Targeted Therapy and Diagnosis
2. Dr. Ruhani Khanna: article Therapy: Unveiling the Power of Heavy Particles in the Present and Shaping the Future of Cancer Treatment

Start Time

9:00 am

October 5, 2023

Finish Time

11:00 am

October 5, 2023


Conference Hall, D-Building, Komar University of Science & Technology, Sulaymaniah

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