A seminar on Empirical Modeling of Long-run Relationship Between Variables

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Long-run relationship Between variables is an opportunity to publish papers for multidisciplinary fields. Long-run models are applications of time series econometrics approach that aims to estimate the relationship between different variables. The variables can be economic, financial, environmental, medicine, engineering, etc. that spans over a long period of time.
Thousands of papers have been published using long-run models from various disciplines and still, there are opportunities to publish thousands.
The aim of the seminar is to introduce the long-run models to the faculty members and offer them the opportunity to publish papers.

Title of Seminar: Empirical Modeling of Long-run Relationship Between Variables
Speaker: Dr. Dlawar Mahdi Hadi
Venue: Auditorium (E-Building)
Date: Sunday 1/3/2020
Time: 10:30 am

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Start Time

10:30 am

March 1, 2020

Finish Time

11:30 am

March 1, 2020


KUST Campus - Auditorium (E-Building)

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