Drug Discovery, Development and Regulations Workshop

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Title of Workshop: Drug Discovery, Development and Regulations
1) Dr Asos Rasoul (Chairman of the Pharmacy Department),
2) Dr Ali Yaseen (Faculty member of ), and,
3) Dr Osman Sharif (Chairman of the Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments).
1) Dr Asos Rasoul: Drug Discovery and Development
Abstract: Drug discovery and development is a long, complex and expensive process that involves many scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, computer design and bioanalysis. Introducing one new drug for human use is a culmination of 12-15 years research that involves up to thousand people and cost an average of $1.2-1.5 billion. In this workshop we will endeavor demonstrate the basic fundamentals of drug discovery and development, present the multifaceted process of identifying anew drug in the 21st century. Various stage of the drug discovery process that starts with an idea or an observation through recognition of lead compounds, optimizing the lead compound, pre-clinical trial clinical trial, drug formulation and post marketing data collection will be explained. The presentation is designed in such way that people with no pharmacy or medical background, will hopefully find it easy to comprehend and gives them a basic idea of what involves in the pharmaceutical industry.
2) Dr Ali Yaseen: The History of Drug Regulation and FDA
Abstract: The drug regulations around the world is at its most developed than ever before. It is based on safety, efficacy and quality. This sophisticated level of drug regulation has been reached via many incidents in the history health system. In this presentation, we attempt to go through the milestones in the history of drug regulation of FDA. There are major milestones like invention of the first pharmacopoeia in the world, the first drugs Act in the USA. In addition, the KefauverHarris amendments, the thalidomide incident in the world and how it was dealt with in the US.
3) Dr Osman Sharif: Automated Assessment of the Impact of Rosiglitazone on Structure & Morphology of Skin Layers
Abstract: Automated high-throughput bioimaging technique is considered to be a very important topic in drug discovery and development. Using image processing and analysis capability facilitates to segment and detect features in skin tissue section which might provide critical information for the impact of drugs on alterations in structure and morphology of skin layers. In drug discovery and development an automated throughput analysis is required to find significant changes in skin structure and morphology after the use of Rosiglitazone as a treatment of diabetes and obese individuals. Using significant assessment of the morphological features in H&E skin section through the use of image processing and analysis by quantifying all of epidermal and dermal thickness and number and size of adipocyte in subcutaneous, we were able to detect interesting epidermis, dermis and adipocyte phenotypes in mice. Consequently, develop of automated high-throughput bioimaging tool is considered to be a very important topic in disease diagnosis and drug development.
Venue: Auditorium (E-Building)
Date : 14/2/2019
Time : 9:30 am.

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9:30 am

February 14, 2019

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1:00 pm

February 14, 2019

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