“Vaping!! Good or bad?” Presentation by a Level 4 CIEP student

On 2nd July, 2019 Alhassan Jaafar, a current level 4 student gave a presentation on Vaping to the level 4 students. Alhassan chose this topic as he wanted to discuss a new trend amongst the youth. CIEP is continuously working …

Seminar conducted by Komar’s academic students

As part of the University’s Initiative to encourage students to hold seminars and workshops, a group of academic students, Zhwan Gharib, Nahrin Ali, Sanarya Karwan, Sana Ali, Rezhin Zuber, conducted a seminar on “Psychiatric hospitals in Kurdistan” They highlighted the …

a seminar on “Helping the Vulnerable children”

On Wednesday 19th June 2019, the director of CIEP, Ms Zareena Younis, invited Mr Rahim Amin Hasan, the co-founder of STEP Iraq and Mr Matthew Low to give a seminar on “Helping the Vulnerable children”. A brief history was given …

KUST celebrates World Earth day

In order to be part of the World’s goal to protect the environment, the Level 2 CIEP students organised an Earth day awareness event for the local school Qazi Muhammed Primary School. In addition, there were many other attendees who were …


The Center of Intensive English Programs at Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST) is responsible for organizing, designing and delivering English Language Programs to those who seek to advance their English language skills. It offers various courses especially designed to cover explicit needs such as General English, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) preparatory courses, and English for specific purposes.


CIEP has adopted the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test as its international standard. IELTS is an internationally accepted exam which indicates a student’s ability to use English in an academic setting. Thus, KUST uses IELTS scores to determine a student’s ability to be successful in the academic course of study. CIEP has chosen an entry level score of IELTS band 3. The rationale for this entry score is that it would allow students to successfully complete CIEP’s four-10 week module program and exit the program with an IELTS band 5. A band level 5 ensures the student’s ability to succeed in their undergraduate program at KUST, while positioning them to improve their academic English abilities in their 4-year undergraduate program. It is expected for students to have at least a 5.5 IELTS band score once completing their degree program, which is comparable to US university requirements using the TOEFL exam, as indicated by the following equivalency tables and range of scores accepted by US universities.


TOEFL equivalency of KUST grading system:


IELTS based KUST grading system:

Example IELTS requirements at US universities: Boise State University, ID, undergraduate IELTS requirement minimum of 5.5.  Graduate program minimum requirement 6.0 (Engineering, Business, Economics, 6.5).Columbia University, NY, undergraduate program IELTS minimum requirement 7.0.  Graduate department IELTS minimum requirement 7.0


CIEP has been founded and governed on the principle that students should achieve CIEP’s program learning outcomes in order to be eligible for the academic courses at KUST. CIEP aspires to provide opportunities for its faculty to engage in training courses in teaching methodology and test assessment to enhance their performance.


CIEP’s mission is to provide its students who are unable to satisfy the English language proficiency requirements benchmarked with the acknowledged standards of IELTS, TOEFL, and TOIEC with an intensive 40-week English-language program to ensure that the students achieve the program learning outcomes (PLOs), which are detailed later in this guide.

OOPT Results

August, 2019


Full Name Results
Binay Sarwar F1
Sozyar Hazhar F1
Gara Khdr F1
Shene Adil F1
Lano Arif F1
Dostan Arkan F1
Mohammed Burhan F1
Didan Fouad F1
Lareen Moahmmed F1
Ahmed Mohammed F1
Lava Salah F1
Tre Tariq F1
Aria Yasin F1
Lara Zana F1
Znar Rasan F1
Nawa Kamil F2
Bawan Nasraldin F2
Diya Othman F2
Papula Salahaddin F2
Ahmed Damawand F2
Mir Ata F2
Shene Sirwan F2
Ashkan Awat F2
Miray Salam F2
Abdulla Hawzhin Pass
Lawk Taha Pass



Full Name Results
Baban Mustafa F1
Nma Nariman F1
Brwa Farhad F1
Zainab Salam F1
Shanya Bakhtyar F1
Rasty Jamal F1
Ahmed Khasraw F1
Arina Muhsin F1
Lana Mutasam F1
Nma Omer F1
Roshang Rokan F1
Shanya Sabah F1
Dyar Yadgar F1
Aran Arkan F1
Liza Kamaran F1
Shanaz Salah F1
Ara Wasfi F1
Mohammed Abdulkhaliq F2
Brwsk Azad F2
Nvar Bakhtyar F2
Lezan Ghazi F2
Masty Shorish F2
Arya Wrya F2
Masty Mahmood F2
Zainab Adil F2
Bawar Mohammed F2
Savya Nabaz F2
Shakar Zmnako F2
Nay Farhad F2
Rebin Shahab Pass
Lana Ihsan Pass
Anno Hashm Pass
Ali Kokoiy Pass
Shko Mohammed Pass
Zaria Salah Pass

July, 2019

Full Name Results
Nariman Abdulkarim F1
Nabil Nooradin F1
Lanya Jamal F1
Halsho Jaza F1
Arin Kamaran F1
Aya Mohammed F1
Hind Abdulkarim F1
Bwkan Sarko F1
Larin Kamaran F1
Guli Abubakr F1
Tanya Ahmed F1
Yousif Mohammed F1
Lare Mohammed F1
Pshtiwan Ibrahim F1
Mustafa Soran F1
Redost Aso F1
Ahmed Shorish F1
Alan Nooradin F1
Halmat Aras F1
Roza Jauhar F1
Dina Mustafa F1
Lawand Mohammed F1
Sana Sarkawt F1
Dadyar Ali F2
Rasan Aso F2
Pairaw Payam F2
Zhyar Barzan F2
Kara Mohammed F2
Shan Omer F2
Ramyar Othman F2
Nma Mohammed F2
Zhilia Bestun F2
Harin Hawzhin F2
Kaso Mohammed Pass
Sozyar Sardar Pass
Full Name Results
Rako Sarwar F1
Mohammed Mahmud F1
Hamisha Sdiq F1
Lanya Ata F1
Arya Azad F1
Sakar Sardar F1
Sahand Hamalaw F1
Lina Kawa F1
Roz Goran F1
Ali Ahmed F1
Aya Kamaran F1
Razhan Omer F1
Akar Najib F1
Nian Burhan F1
Tablo Pers F2
Sima Mohammed F2
Zewin Baqi F2
Muhammed Barzan F2
Sewa Diyar F2
Sanarya Bestun F2
Zhala Omer F2
Danyar Omer F2
Lara Aram F2
Rawa Omer F2
Meer Salar F2
Rawa Jalal F2
Aland Aras F2
Ramyar Khalid F2
Sava Hersh F2
Lawand Salah F2
Zhikal Adnan F2
Lanya Omer F2
Zhuliya Omer F2
zhir omer F2
Lava Sarkawt F2
Solin Abdulkhaliq F2
Farzand Omed F2
Mina Saman F2
Sarhang Sherko Pass
Rahand Omer Pass
Ali Farhad Pass
Yad Dara Pass
Full Name Results
Shang Bestun F1
Shene Yasin F1
Sivar Jamal F1
Rediyar Muhsin F1
Srusht Dlshad F1
Shania Faiq F1
Berivan Karzan F2
Sima Khalil F2
Rawand Raza F2
Lavina Taha Pass
Las Taha Pass

Zareena Akhtar Younis
Director of CIEP
IP Phone: 141
Address: Business building, room 101