KUST Vision

Komar University of Science and Technology strive to become a leading higher education institution in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq by contributing to the development of the Region and the nation. As a private non-governental institution, the university seeks to serve the community through application of advanced Science and technology.

KUST Mission

The mission of the Komar University of Science and Technology is to contribute to the advancement of society in Science and technology and to prepare its graduate to assume a leading role in this endeavor.


KUST will achieve its mission by fulfilling the following objectives:

  1. Create an environment to acquire and transfer knowledge and skills in science and technology;
  2. Create an environment which encourages critical thinking and friendly faculty-student interactions;
  3. Prepare students for a variety of careers in science and technology professions based on international standards and accreditation;
  4. Encourage cooperation between KUST, private industry, and government to improve the quality of students’ academic learning and to meet the needs of the public and private sectors;
  5. Provide professional consultation to the government and the private sector;
  6. Support technological development and its applications to improve the quality of life in the region and Iraq, and;
  7. Promote the culture of professional and ethical conduct throughout society.

University Council

Komar University President

Dr. Salahaddin Saeed

KUST President

Dr. Shanaz Mohammed

Chairperson of Dentistry

Dr. Asos Mohammed

Chairman of Pharmacy
Dr Ako

Dr. Ako R. Hama

Chairman of Civil department
Dr Hiwa

Dr. Hiwa Sidiq

Chairman of Petroleum department

Dr. Osman Sharif

Chairman of Computer Eng.

Dr. Mamta Singh

Chairperson of BA
Dr Dlzar

Dr. Dlzar Dlshad

Chairman of MLS department

Dr. Zanyar Faiq

Chairperson of English

Board of Trustees