International conference “ Water Resources in Iraq: Perspectives and Prognosis ”

Date: 2nd ,3rd  and 4th of October 2022 Sulaimani,

Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Topics :

Topics of interest for submission includes, but are not limited to:

    • Agriculture and Water Resources
    • Water Quality
    • Applied Surface and Groundwater Hydrology
    • Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology and Water Resources
    • Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction
    • Sediment Transport and River Engineering
    • Management of Groundwater and Surface /water Resources
    • Forecasting and Control of Water Resources
    • Water Resources Data Assessment Techniques
    • Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaption
    • Monitoring, Modelling and Prediction of Water Pollution
    • Storm water Management and Low Impact Development
    • Sustainable Irrigation Water Management

Komar University of Science and Technology 

Sulaimania , Kurdistan Region 



APSU for Water Sustainability Organization


Rafidain Organization for

Water Resources Protection and Development (NGO)





Professor  Dr.  Nadhir Al-Ansari

Professor at the department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering at Lulea Technical University Sweden. Previously worked at Baghdad University 1976-1995 then at Al-Bayt University in Jordan (1995- 2007). Research interests are mainly in Geology, Water Resources and Environment. Served several academic administrative post (Dean, Head of Department). Publications include more than 780 articles in international/national journals, chapters in books and 22 books. I executed more than 60 major research projects in Iraq, Jordan, Sweden and UK. Awarded several scientific and educational awards, among them is the British Council on its 70th Anniversary awarded him top 5 scientists in Cultural Relations. One patent on Physical methods for the separation of iron oxides. Supervised more than 70 postgraduate students at universities in Iraq, Jordan, UK, Sweden and Australia. Member of several scientific societies e.g. International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Chartered Institution of Water and Environment Management, etc. Member of the editorial board of 30 international journals





Dr. Mohammed AbdulHakim AlSaadi

PhD. Biotechnology  Engineering (Nanotech./Chem Eng.), M.Sc. and B.Sc. Chemical Engineering


Dr. Mohammed AbdulHakim AlSaadi has been a chemical engineer with industrial and academic experience. currently, he is an associate professor in the National Chair of Material sciences and Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering Dept.,   University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman and a visiting senior lecturer in nanotechnology and catalyst research center (NANOCAT), University of Malaya. He joined NANOCAT in 2014 after working for four years in the university of Malaya center for ionic liquid (UMCiL), Department of chemical Engineering, Faculty of engineering. He moved to Malaysia from Iraq in 2006 to obtain his PhD in the department of biotechnology engineering, Kulleyah of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) , his research was to synthesize Carbon nanotubes for removal of heavy metal from water. In Iraq, after getting B.Sc. in University of technology, 1991 and M.Sc. in College  of Engineering, University of Baghdad, 1995, both in chemical engineering. He worked in industry as well as in academia as a deputy dean in Almaaref university and a lecturer in college of engineering, university of Al-Anbar. Dr. Mohammed AbdulHakim  specialization mainly is in the field of carbon nanomaterials and their applications in water treatment, membrane technology, sensors, drug delivery and composite material. He contributed to the research in Ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents and their applications in biodiesel and nanohybride. He filed number of patents in Nanotechnology and DESs. He obtained several awards in the research fields such as the royal award of innovation in water technology from sultanate of Oman. He published around forty scientific research article in peer reviewed ISI Journals such as Scientific reports of ( NATURE), Journal of electroanalytical Chemistry, Water Science and Technology, journal of medicinal chemistry, Chemical Engineering Journal, Chemosphere and many other journals. Dr. Mohammed AbdulHakim AlSaadi has  taught several courses in many chemical engineering and related subjects such as fluid flow, thermodynamics, engineering materials, analytical chemistry, optimization, and heat transfer.


This conference is an attempt to access and highlight the main perspectives and prognoses for water resources critical issues, levels and situations in Iraq and Kurdistan Region. Also, it is founded as an attempt to prepare a contribution and a collaboration worksheet paper from different affiliated experts, researchers, academics and entities from the Iraqi government, UNDP, Komar University of Science and Technology, Rafidain NGO, LuLea Technical University and other and it’s a hope they work together in the area of water resources security and forecasting for now and in the future of Iraq .

Also, the participants have a chance to integrate and share their knowledge, information, data and experiences together and update them so as to enhance the efficiency of Iraqi water resources management system and policy. As the whole world in general and specifically Kurdistan region and Iraq are facing a serious global warming, water shares from neighbors of the country challenges and recent water issue conflicts, all of the mentioned points have made these challenges more difficult and led to environmental pollution, and declining rainfall intensity mostly in the regions across the country. This conference intends to bring together the experts from Iraq and other international and UN agencies and concentrate all the applications of their submitted articles, researches, ideas, initiatives and guidance in the field of water resources issues for Iraqi’s people. This conference is very necessary in understanding the threats and consequences of global climate changes, water pollution, dam’s activities, and current water shortage and usage practices. Relevant government officials are invited to work together with academics in developing a master plan to use relevant water data for future planning and forecasting.

The conference is also intended to be multidisciplinary, focusing on areas such as engineering, hydrology, geohydrology, geochemistry, paleoenvironment, and other areas of agriculture.

Important Dates and Article Submission 

All academics ,researches  and governmental and no governmental research group  institutions are invited to participate in this international conference. The papers and articles can be send directly to the conference email ( or from the registration Tab form . The submitted articles will be checked for the plagiarism using ( and  for its originality and scientific values .

The conference paper submission template can be downloaded from the following  link .

  • Deadline for submitting the researches research manuscripts and articles is 1st of August 2022.
  • Final paper submission after the reviewing 10th September 2022
  • Deadlines for receiving acceptance letters, 20th September 2022.
  • Starting 2nd October 2022 , 9:00 am in Komar University of Science and Technology Conference Hall
  • Field trip to Dokan Dam 4th October 2022.



The conference will be held at Komar University of Science and Technology,

D-Building, Conference Hall Iraq, Sulaimani, Qualaraisy