A seminar on Brain and Language

Mr. Kochar Saeed, one of the faculty members of the English department, presented a seminar entitled “Brain and Language” on Monday, February 17th. He Introduced the process of language in brain and how does each part of brain work in …

A seminar on Big Data: Technologies, Applications, and Challenges

On Sunday, Feb 16th, Dr. Shirin Noekhah, presented a seminar entitled Big Data. She introduced the Big Data concept by describing data as quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, which may be stored and …

A delegation from TIU visited KUST

A delegation from Tishk International Universities: Headed by Prof. Dr. Idris Hadi, the president of TIU-Erbil accompanied by Dr. Dogan Ozdemir, President of TIU- Sulaimani, Dr. Mohamed Ozdemir Vice President for Academic affairs, and Mr. Osman Durmaz, Finance Manager care …

KUST Congratulates University of Sulaimani

A delegation from Komar University of Science and Technology consisted of Prof. Dr. Salahalddin Saeed president of Komar University and Prof. Dr. Kawis Aziz Faraj Vice President for Academic affairs visited the University of Sulaimani They were received by the …

MoU between KUST and KUMS

After an official visit of a delegation from Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences to Komar University of Science and Technology during the month of May 2019, it was agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two universities in …

KUST Participates in The Universities forum – Sulaimani

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, Mr. Ranjdar Saeed Director of CDC- Career Development Center and Sham Brwa, Student Council President attended Universities forum – Sulaimani entitled “Strengthen Universities’ Participation in the Public Life of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.” In …


دیداری تایبەت

دیدارێکی تایبەت لەگەڵ پارێزگاری سلێمانی دکتۆر هەڤاڵ ئەبوبەکر لە یادی رۆژی زانکۆی کۆمار بۆ زانست و تەکنەلۆجیا

دیداری تایبەت

دیدارێکی تایبەت لەگەڵ هونەرمەند مامۆستا عەدنان کەریم لە یادی رۆژی زانکۆی کۆمار بۆ زانست و تەکنەلۆجیا

About OPA

Public affairs is an active office in Komar University of science and Technology-Sulaimani that strives to achieve its objectives and plans as well as to serve as a bridge between KUST and Communit


Wants to play a great and actively role inside and outside Kurdistan generally and Sulaymaniyah province particularly through the activities and services to the people


works to send the message and the target of the university to community through the three departments for more clarification of the university philosophy and programs to whom it may concern about modern style of studies, developing the knowledge to rise up talented student so they can work in the future in their specialty as a leader to developing the community


To establish relationship between KUST and educational institution, government departments, and the industry to improve cooperation.
to reflect the good images of KUST, its colleges and centers to the public via website, publications, university style, conferences, and special events.
To bridge between the public and University


Office of Public Affairs consists of three Divisions media, Publication and public Relations, the office is managed by a Director and three coordinators who are responsible for each division with a technical Staff
  • Media division
  • Publications Division
  • Public Relations Division


A seminar on IELTS exam

The focus of the speech will be on major types of IELTS exam, how...

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The Weekend Fundraiser Event

CIEP presents The Weekend Fundraiser Raising funds for a child in need of medical...

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