President's Speech on Graduation Ceremony 2017

Dr. Salah the President of KUST presnets his speech, and the followings is his speech.

" In the name of Allah, the most Merciful

Dear students, their parents, guests, faculty and staff members, BOT members, founders and owners of the University, I like to welcome you all to Komar university graduation ceremony 2017 and thank you  for taking time to join our students on their big day.


After three years of work and many visits to Kurdistan from Florida, I got the license of starting Komar University of Science and Technology after receiving the approval from the Council of Ministries of Kurdistan Regional Government in October 18, 2009.  That was the first step towards establishing a modern university with goals of developing Kurdistan and serving its people. The second step was when honorable businessmen in Sulaymania invested in this project. Based on the license and financial capability, the Department of Investments designated this beautiful land to build a modern university on it.

However, these three steps would not establish a university. A university could be called university only when it has students and faculty members in addition to facilities. That is why I personally thank F12 students and their parents because they trusted Komar University for their future. You, F12 students wrote the first chapter in KUST’s history book. You bore the lack of labs and sport facilities in the old campus, unstable faculty members, and muddy road. Therefore, today I am seeing heroes graduating from Komar University.


As president of the university, I like to state few facts about our Graduates where in the international universities count to measure the success of a university:

1.     Employment: Out of 78 students, 33 students have jobs. Some of them started successful businesses.

2.     Internship Program: KUST IP program is one of the most successful models for students to learn from it about the work real environment. When our first group of students participated in IP, few of them got grants, projects and promises to get jobs. One of KUST students was ranked top three in the IP competition that run under the supervision of the KRG Deputy Prime Minister.

3.     Talent Competition:  Many KUST students participated in the International and regional competitions and won. American IYLEP is one example; where three KUST students were selected in three years. The latest competition was last month when 3 of our students under supervision of Dr. Hamid won the top Award from UNDP about their project of sustainable energy. Likewise, KUST faculty and staff members won American Fulbright and IVLP awards.

4.     Learning Institution:  In the last five years, KUST proved to be a learning institute: as I count

4.1the academic flowcharts and courses syllabi,

4.2assessing learning outcomes,

4.3encouraging volunteer in public services, and

4.4encouraging professional and ethical practices.

5.     Creative Institute: Bringing a new educational system to Kurdistan was and still a big challenge. Therefore, KUST faculty and staff members become very creative in implementing the new system. Seeing what our students achieved today, makes me so proud of them.

KUST students, faculty and staff members worked harder than their peers in similar institutions to achieve the academic degrees. (asking people to clap for the students, faculty and staff members.)


Since admitting students in 2012, Kurdistan faced many difficulties, among them: ISIS threats and financial crisis. In one hand, they affected delivering services to KUST by government departments such as, supplying water and paving roads for KUST. In the second hand, they reduced number of students and their ability to pay tuition fees. We were lucky to have KUST owners who continued  providing financial support to complete the campus regardless of the economic scarifies. (asking people to clap for the owners.)

Dear Graduates, faculty and staff members, BOT members and Owners: By graduating the first group of students, I fulfilled my goal to serve Kurdistan in the best way I know. Therefore, I like to thank all of you for helping me to see this day. In May 2017, I submitted my resignation to BOT and asked them to find a qualified person to lead KUST. I am glad to announce that the new BOT will fill the position.

I wish our graduates to apply the knowledge, skills and ethics they learned in their life and career and become ambassadors of KUST.

May Allah (SWT) protect Kurdistan and its people and grant our graduates with happy life and success."

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