A Panel on Nikola Tesla Day

‘’Tesla Day and the Sparks of New Energy’’ was an event hosted by the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) on the anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birthday, July 10th. The event was conducted in the Auditorium hall of the Engineering building, commencing at 2:00 PM. The panel was started off by Mr. Hazhar Rasul, followed by KUST student Zhenar Barzan, and concluded by Mr. Jamal Omar. Nikola Tesla’s life, inventions, and his contribution to modern day technology were discussed. As well as Tesla’s solutions for modern day sustainable energy problem by employing renewable energy sources. The event was covered by multiple media outlets. The panel was well received by the audience whom interacted with the hosts with their questions and concerns about Renewable Energy. Nikola Tesla’s problem solving skills were put to good use decades later in order to tackle energy problems in Kurdistan.