A Ceremony in KUST for Welcoming Nawroz and a New Kurdish Year

On 14th March 2019, Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST) organized a ceremony for KUST’s community to celebrate the advent of the Kurdish New Year (Nawroz 2719).

            Firstly, Prof. Dr. Salahalddin Saeed Ali, the President of KUST, gave a speech wherein he congratulated the Kurdish nation all over the world and explained the historic significance of Nawroz occasion as a symbol of the Kurdish nation’s strife and sacrifice for the sake of liberation and human dignity.

           Secondly, KUST had provided a banquet for its community so as to strengthen the ties among its members and also to express its gratitude for their sincere and hard work.

           Finally, a bonfire, which is a symbol of Nawroz, was lighted by KUST’s community with singing the traditional Kurdish Nawroz song “Today is a new year and Nawroz has come back”.