Interactive Flowchart

Mr. Aree Ali, Faculty member in the Computer, has developed an interactive flowchart for the academic departments. This is a useful tool in helping students to understand the flowcharts so the students can plan their academic years in an efficient way. The interactive flowcharts also help academic advisors to advise students, especially in the relationship between prerequisite, and/or co-requisite to a course,... Open The Flowchart

Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was one of the three engineering departments formed in 2012 with the opening of Komar University of Science and Technology. The civil engineering undergraduate program is working according to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).. Open Civil Webpage

Petroleum Engineering

It is obvious that choosing an engineering program is an important step toward YOUR higher education. We know that the Kurdistan Region has enormous crude oil reserves, and that through rapid production it is going to become an important player in the world energy market. .. Open Petroleum Webpage

Computer Engineering

The department does outstanding research in Biometrics Authentication, Computer Security, Network Routing Algorithms, Databases, Data Mining, and more! Our department is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise to benefit the country, the Kurdistan region, and the world whilst inspiring people to engage in computing fields.. Open Computer Webpage

Environmental Engineering

Throughout modern history, environmental engineers have always been at the forefront of the drive to improve our standard of living. They remain the central figures in the planning, design, and solving many environmental problems, large and small, that make modern life possible.. Open Environmental Webpage


The Department of Accounting at KUST is an acknowledged centre of excellence. The department has a tradition of intellectual diversity, and we are committed to creating and disseminating knowledge related to accounting through research, teaching, and various professional and policy contributions... Open Accounting Webpage

Business Administration

We have oriented our department away from supplying our nation s administrative system with more paper-pushers who conform with dysfunctional administrative systems. We are committed to helping a new generation of entrepreneurs, who don t just attempt to survive existing business environments, but also lead the way to bring about change... Open Business Administration Webpage


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Information Management

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS). If you are looking for a vital department dealing with laboratory analyses using up to date knowledge and technology, so you are here in the right place. The MLS department in the college of science at Komar University of science and technology provides a state of art of education combined with cutting edge knowledge, technical skills, and work ethics necessary for proficient performance of clinical laboratory procedures... Open MLS Webpage

The Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (OQAA) is administrated by a director, who reports to the President (or designee). A standing committee by the name of the Quality Assurance Committee should be formed from representatives of the academic and supporting units... Open Quality Assurance Webpage

Welcome to Komar University of Science and Technology Library. We are here to serve our students, faculty and staff. We are serving programs of learning and research in many areas, also we provide a multitude of resources, both print based and electronic books, as well as to offer full information about our current services. Feedback from our staff, faculty and students always is respected. If you have questions visit Contact us page for a variety of options concerning how to reach us... Open Library Webpage

List of All the Courses in Komar University of Science and Technology

At Komar University of Science and Technology, we believe in providing our students with as much knowledge as possible so that they may make the most of their future opportunities bring their way.

As university life is made up of so many decisions, so it is important to have a detailed guide for different areas of studies to help you through. These courses and their details, including syllabuses are important when you come to choosing and planning your degree and academic life at Komar University. It is a comprehensive guide to the degrees and course structure, as well as an in-depth look at each course and the prerequisites required.

Our program follows a modern model that delivers basic educational content, oral and written testing, student performance tracking, and instructor training and support.

At KUST, our program is a comprehensive semester-wise course that teaches students to design, build and maintain their skills, with focus on class learning and lab activities through basic requirements for each of University, College and Departments. The program combines theoretical lectures and laboratory exercises in which students apply what they learn in class while working on sites.

Below is list of all courses :


# Course Code Course Title CH Course Syllbus
1 ACC1300 Financial Accounting 3 Download
2 ACC2305 Managerial Accounting 3 Download
3 ACC2310 Intermediate Accounting I 3 Download
4 ACC2311 Intermediate Accounting II 3 Download
5 ACC3320 Accounting Information System 3 Download
6 ACC3325 Cost Accounting 3 Download
7 ACC3330 Financial Statement Analysis 3 Download
8 ACC4320 Accounting Information system 3 Download
9 ACC4330 Government Accounting 3 Download
10 ACC4335 Accounting Theory 3 Download
11 ACC4340 Auditing 3 Download
12 ACC4345 Advanced Accounting 3 Download
13 ACC4355 International Accounting 3 Download
14 ACC4360 Financial Reporting 3 Download
15 ACC4365 Taxation Accounting 3 Download
16 ACC4370 Unified Acounting System 3 Not Available
17 BAF3320 Principle of Investment 3 Not Available
18 BAF3305 Money and Banking Theories 3 Not Available
19 BAF3315 Bank Mangement 3 Not Available
20 BAF4310 Financial Markets and Institutions 3 Not Available
21 BAF4325 Alternative Banking Systems 3 Not Available
22 BAF4330 Banking & Investment Info. System 3 Not Available
23 BAF4335 Fiancial Risk Management  3 Not Available
24 BAF4340 Global Investment Strategies 3 Not Available
25 BIO1410C Principles of Biology & Lab 4 Not Available
26 BIO2310C Biology + Lab 3 Not Available
27 BIO2311 Human Biology 3 Download
28 BIO3320 Biostatistics  3 Download
29 BUS1200 Introduction to Business  2 Download
30 BUS2305 Principles of Entrepreneurship II  3 Download
31 BUS2310 Principle of Microeconomics  3 Download
32 BUS2310 Principles of Entrepreneurship I  3 Not Available
33 BUS2311 Principle of Macroeconomics  3 Download
34 BUS2315 International Business Environment 3 Download
35 BUS2320 Principle of Management 3 Download
36 BUS2325 Principle of Marketing   3 Download
37 BUS2330 Principles of Finance  3 Download
38 BUS3335 Business Legal & Social Environment  3 Download
39 BUS3340 Quantitative Methods I  3 Download
40 BUS4355 Organizational Behavior  3 Download
41 BUS4360 Operations Management  3 Download
42 BUS4365 Strategic Management  3 Download
43 BUS4370 Managing People and Organizations 3 Download
44 CHM1410C General Chemistry I + Lab  4 Download
45 CHM2411C General Chemistry II + Lab 4 Download
46 CHM2415C Organic Chemistry I + Lab  4 Download
47 CMP1200 Introduction to Computer   2 Download
48 CMP2305 Computer Application for Business  3 Download
49 CPE1200 Introduction to Engineering 2 Download
50 CPE2310 Electronic Materials 3 Not Available
51 CPE2315 Computer Organization and  Architecture  3 Download
52 CPE2320 Programming Design and Engineering 4 Download
53 CPE2405C Programming Concepts & Algorithm and Lab  4 Download
54 CPE3330 Data Structures 3 Download
55 CPE3335 Fundamentals of Database Systems  3 Download
59 CPE3340 Object Oriented Program 3 Not Available
60 CPE3345 Computer Security  3 Not Available
62 CPE3360 Introduction to Embedded Systems 3 Not Available
63 CPE3425C Computer Logic Design and Lab  4 Download
65 CPE4365C Computer System Design and Lab  3 Not Available
66 CPE4370C Circuit Analysis and Lab   3 Not Available
67 CPE4375C Operating Systems  3 Not Available
68 CPE4380 Introduction to Computer Networks 3 Not Available
69 CPE4390 Artificial Intelligent 3 Not Available
60 CPE4456C Data Communication & Networking and Lab 4 Not Available
71 CPE4485C Microprocessors and Lab  4 Not Available
72 CVE2205 Engineering Graphics 2 Download
73 CVE2310C Engineering Survey and Lab 3 Download
74 CVE2315 Strength of Material 3 Download
75 CVE3320C Soil Mechanics and Lab 3 Download
76 CVE3325C Engineering Materials and Lab 3 Download
77 CVE3330 Geotechnical Engineering 3 Download
78 CVE3335 Structural Analysis and Design 3 Download
79 CVE3340C Hydraulics Engineering and Lab  3 Download
80 CVE4345 Water Resource  3 Download
81 CVE4350 Health, Safety and Environment 3 ---
82 CVE4355 Transportation Engineering  3 Download
83 CVE4360 Construction Engineering 3 Download
84 CVE4365 Reinforced Concrete I 3 Download
85 CVE4366  Reinforced Concrete II 3 Download
86 CVE4370 Structural Systems 3 Download
87 CVE4380 Sanitary Engineering 3 Download
88 ECO3305 Foundations of e-Commerce 3 Download
89 ECO3310 Software Development 3 Download
90 ECO3330 B2B Commerce 3 Download
91 ECO4315 e-Commerce & Marketing Strategy 3 Download
92 ECO4320 Web-based Business Technologies 3 Download
93 ECO4325 e-Government Strategy and Management 3 Download
94 EGH1310 Academic English I  3 Download
95 EGH1311 Academic English II 3 Download
96 EGH2316 Pro Com for Health Science 3 Not Available
97 EGH3315 Professional Communication 3 Download
98 ENC3310 Engineering Economy  3 Download
99 ENC3325 Health, Safety and Environment  3 Download
100 GEO2305C Geology and Lab 3 ---
101 GEO2315  Structural Geology  3 Download
102 HUM1200 Introduction to Ethics 2 Download
103 HUM1205 Critical and Creative Thinking  2 Download
104 HUM3315 Research Methodology 3 Download
105 INF2320 Management Information Systems 3 Download
106 INF3050 Practical Training 0 Not Available
107 INF3305 Foundations of IT Management 3 Download
108 INF3315 Database Management Systems 3 Download
109 INF4320 Analysis and Design of Information Systems 3 Download
110 INF4325 Local Area Networks 3 Download
111 INF4330 Information Assurance and Security 3 Download
112 MEE2405 Engineering Mechanics: Static & Dynamic 4 Download
113 MEE3310 Engineering Thermodynamics   3 Download
114 MEE3315C Fluid Mechanics 3 Download
115 MKT3305 Consumer Behavior 3 Not Available
116 MKT3310 Marketing Research 3 Not Available
117 MKT3315 Retailing & Distribution Systems 3 Not Available
118 MKT3320 Fundamentals of International Marketing 3 Not Available
119 MKT4240 Marketing for NGOs & Small Businesses 2 Not Available
120 MKT4325 Integrated Marketing 3 Not Available
121 MKT4330 Corporate Social Responsibility 3 Not Available
122 MKT4335 Business Applications for Graphic Design 3 Not Available
123 MKT4345 Quality Management Systems 3 Not Available
124 MLS1200 Introduction to MLS 2 Download
125 MLS2405C Introduction to Microbiology + Lab 4 Download
126 MLS2410C Principles of Hematology + Lab 4 Download
127 MLS2415C Human physiology + Lab 4 Download
128 MLS3225L Immunology L 2 Download
129 MLS3225R Immunohematology R 2 Download
130 MLS3230L Medical Bacteriology L 2 Download
131 MLS3230R Medical Bacteriology R 2 Not Available
132 MLS3320 Medical Parasitology 3 Download
133 MLS3220R Medical Parasitology R 3 Not Available
134 MLS3325 Immunology  3 Download
135 MLS3330 Medical Bacteriology 3 Download
136 MLS3335 Molecular Biology 3 Download
137 MLS4240R Molecular Diagnostic Techniques R 2 Not Available
138 MLS4245L Clinical Chemistry L 2 Not Available
139 MLS4245R Clinical Chemistry R 2 Not Available
140 MLS4255R Clinical Hematology/Hemostasis R 2 Not Available
141 MLS4260R Medical Virology R 2 Not Available
142 MLS4340 Mol Diagno Techs 3 Not Available
143 MLS4345 Clinical Chemistry 3 Download
144 MLS4355 Clinical Hematology/Hemostasis 3 Download
145 MLS4360 Medical Virology 3 Not Available
146 MLS4365 Clinical Laboratory Management  3 Download
147 MTH1300 College Algebra  4 Download
148 MTH1405 Business Mathematics 3 Download
149 MTH1410 Calculus I  4 Download
150 MTH1411 Calculus II  4 Download
151 MTH2315 Differential Equations 3 Download
152 MTH2412 Calculus III (Advanced Calculus) 4 Download
153 MTH3320 Statistics for Engineering and Science 3 Download
154 MTH3325  Statistics for Business Download
156 NVE3305 Environmental Engineering Microbiology  3 Download
157 NVE3310C Environmental Engineering Materials + Lab  3 Not Available
158 NVE3315 Air Pollution and Control  3 Download
159 NVE3325C Environmental Engineering Fundamentals and Lab 3 Download
160 NVE4335 Environment Hydrology 3 Download
161 NVE4345 Water and Waste-Water Treatment  3 Not Available
162 NVE4355 Environmental Monitoring and Measure Analysis Environmental Engineering  3 Download
163 NVE43565 Solid Waste System Design 3 Not Available
164 NVE4370C Env. Chemistry (Air & Water) + Lab  ? 3 Not Available
165 NVE4375 Environmental Health  3 Download
166 PHY1410C General Physics I + Lab 4 Download
167 PHY1411C General Physics II + Lab  4 Download
168 PHY2310 Physics for Health Sciences 3 Not Available
169 PHY2311 College Physics 3 Download
170 PTE3310C  Reservoir Rock Properties and Lab Syllabus  3 Download
171 PTE3315C  Reservoir Fluid Properties and Lab 3 Download
172 PTE3320  Res Eng Fundament 3 Not Available
173 PTE3325  Formation Evaluation with Well Logs 3 Download
174 PTE3335  Drilling and Completions Engineering I 3 Download
175 PTE4330  Surface Production Engineering 3 Download
176 PTE4336  Drilling and Completions Engineering II 3 Download
177 PTE4345  Reservoir Evaluation and Monitoring 3 Download
178 PTE4355  Petroleum Production Methods 3 Download
179 PTE4360  Multinational Energy, Environment, Technology and Ethics 3 Download
180 PTE4370  Reservoir Simulation and Weltest 3 Download
181 PTE4375  Uncertainty and Risk Analysis 3 Download
182 PTE4380  Petroleum Transport and Storage Engineering Syllabus 3 Download
183 PTE4385  Petroleum Engineering 3 Not Available
184   Graduation Project I & II 1 Not Available