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Student Feedback Survey:
The office of OQAA has designed and analyzed the first survey for Fall 2016. The questions were selected to fulfill 3 areas;
1-    Teaching Content (TC),   2-    Teaching Methods (TM)      3-    Teaching Effect (TE)
In this, better assessment can be achieved, since the pros/cons will be more designated to which area, where the teacher should improve. The students should check in four categories;
1-Strongly Agree (SA)         -Agree (A)         3-Disagree (D)         4-Strongly Disagree (SD)
The questionnaire was printed as a hard copy  for each academic course during Fall 2016; the OQAA used an Excel Data to collect and analyzing the primary data.
The analysis shows where the number of students and the participants in the survey are stated. Graphs are used to show three columns, corresponding to the three areas (TC, TM and TE) mentioned above, and in each area, it is shown the percentage of the four (SA, A, D, SD) categories, respectively.
OQAA intention is to discuss with each instructor, present the results, and discuss the pros/cons, so that a plan for developing will be discussed.
The OQAA used this score rating to describe the survey results:

Students’ Grades Analysis:
In order to check the students’ performance during the first term of the semester, the OQAA is assigned to analyze the students’ grades for the first term.  The following procedures has to be followed:
  • The faculty has to submit the first term-accumulated grades to the OSAR by the first week after the midterm exam.
  • OSAR has to deliver the students’ grades to OQAA by the end of the first week after the midterm exam.
  • The OQAA has to report an executive summary to the President Office by the end of the second week after the midterm exam.
  • An individual report for each course should be prepared and kept in the OQAA archive.
  • The OQAA used the concept of Benchmark GPA for each course; the Benchmark GPA means what is expected from the ideal student to get after getting a full mark for all the assessment tools.
  • The OQAA has used the following indicators to analyze the students’ grades and expect the failure ratio:
  1. Benchmark GPA for the first term of the semester.
  2. Student’s commitment ratio.
  3. The midterm exam quality ratio.
In order to classify the status of each course, the OQAA has to use the following standards of scale according to the student’s failure ratio.

Need serious Actions

Need recovery plan

Need improvement

Keep going

51%- 100%


20%- 29%

Less than 20%

Survey Form