Dr. Salah Aziz is the founder of Komar University of Science and Technology. The initial thought was brought to him in 1997 by Eng. Sarkawt Ibrahim (from Erbil) who worked with Dr. Salah as assistant in Florida State University.  Eng. Sarkawt bought to Dr. Salah the importance of starting higher education in Kurdistan according to the International Standards. The idea grew to a real though and plan in 2006-7 when Dr. Salah witnessed the role of private universities in Jordan while he was a senior Fulbright Scholar. During his visit to Erbil, Dr. Salah passed his plan to the education committee and Dr. Idris Hadi the Minister of Higher Education of Kurdistan.  The Minister and Committee supported idea and encouraged Dr. Salah to start the proposal.

Dr. Salah held a meeting with Eng. Sarkawt and agreed to develop the proposal as follow:

  • Dr. Salah Aziz to develop the academic’s foundation
  • Eng. Sarkawt Ibrahim to develop a plan for the campus.

Nevertheless, due to family priority Dr. Salah went back to Florida in 2007. He was back to Kurdistan in summer 2009 with the commitment to start the project. He submitted the proposal to the Ministry of Higher Education in August 2009 and got the approval on October 2009.



                   [Dr. Salah, Ms. Naznaz, and Dr. Idris 2007]                                                                                                                                  



                                 [Ms. Awat ,Dr. Salah, and Eng. Sarkawt on the right, 2007]