A seminar on Empowering IT for Academic Quality and Visibility

On May 31st 2018, the Quality Assurance Office held a seminar entitled “Empowering IT for Academic Quality and Visibility” by Dr. Dilan Majid Rostam. He started his seminar by addressing the importance of IT in enhancing the quality of education in many international universities. Dr. Rostam also explained that there are highly debatable arguments around whether IT should lead us to better academic quality and visibility.

He added that examining the controversial impact of IT in our academic communities is needed to buildup reasoning around whether to allow IT in every aspect of our academic activities. As an example, he mentioned that the change happened at one of the public university from zero rank to be the top KRG University and it was the result of following the international trend of applying e-system in most of the academic interactions inside this University. At the end of the seminar, he made the comparison between best local and global IT practices and indicating contemporary global trends toward e-Smart Universities.