KUST Students Visit Elderly Nursing Home

As part of Komar University's initiatives for “The Day of Giving”, the students of Komar University of Sciences and Technology in collaboration with Horizon Relief organized a visit to the Elderly Care House in Sulaimaniyah City, under the supervision of Ms. Prusha Bakhtiyar, an activist student in Business Administration Department. 

The visit covered health and social awareness of the elderly. The visit was attended by a number of members of the students of KUST. The delegates sat with elderly and listen to their various stories and provide a helping hand in their daily activities and providing basic-needed items. They distributed gifts as a gesture of respect and appreciation. The administrative staff in the elderly home in Sulaimaniyah praised the visit by Komar University and its students.

Previously, these students collected the cost of needed items by conducting a food charity on NGO Day, February 28th, 2018.