KUST Participates in The 31st Anniversary of Anfal Campaign Commemoration

Komar University of Science and Technology commemorates the 31st anniversary of Anfal campaign in Kalar City on April 14, 2019.

This year KUST participated in the commemoration by giving newly translated book to Kurdish on Anfal “The Kurds: A Nation of Genocides” by Kristiina Koivunen to the families of the victims and officials who commemorated the Anfal campaign in Kalar.

The Anfal campaign, launched and led by Ba’ath Party Secretary-General Ali Hassan al-Majid – also known as Chemical Ali – is widely understood to have begun in 1988. Ground offensives, aerial bombardments, systematic destruction of villages and mass deportations were used as part of the campaign.

The Anfal process started with eight stages and killed nearly 182,000 Kurdish people. Nearly 4,300 villages were also destroyed.

In 2007, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) recognized April 14 as the commemoration day of Anfal campaign.